Crawl or Die (2014) Full Movie Watch Online HD Print Download

Crawl or Die (2014) Full Movie Watch Online HD Print Download

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Watch Online Crawl or Die (2014)

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I was very impressed. It was low budget that had about $7,000 or so put into it. Don’t let that dissuade you from watching it. They squeezed everything they could out of the money they had and came up with an entertaining film. Nicole Alonso did a very good job as the kick-ass, tough girl marine (or whatever part of the military she was in). Not meaning to sound perverted, but I’m glad she stripped down do her panties. lol She has a nice body. Her acting was very good, and the emotion she put into the scenes I thought was also very accurate. The script had limited dialogue, but she didn’t need to say much, because her facial expressions conveyed what she was going through. I’m not one who cares much for the tight confines of the tunnels, but they made it work pretty much for the film. However, I think it was a little repetitious with all the crawling they did. Still, the acting was better than a lot of the big budget projects out there – hello, Transformers. lol.

One of the peeps who wrote a review on this board said throw some money to these people. I agree. Based on what they did with this production, I think they are the kind of film makers that can make a little money go a long way. Imagine what this movie would’ve been like had they put $1mil or $2mil into it. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what they do next. The horror genre needs all the help it can get. 🙂